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brian king


As an ordained Apostle and Founding Pastor of Reignite Palm Springs, Brian is a testimony to the redemptive, transformative power of God. Although raised in the church, he actually didn’t have a personal revelation of Jesus Christ until the age of 26. During the next 12 years he was ministered to by some of the great generals of the faith in the Charismatic Movement. Many laid their hands on him, imparted their anointing, and prophesied of the incredible future God had in store for him in the ministry. Brian served on the crusade team of an international ministry for a time, but God’s plans seemed like nothing more than delusions of grandeur when he walked away from his faith while trying to reconcile it with his sexuality. The following years would leave Brian a homeless meth addict, who believed the lie that God didn’t love him because of who he was.


Restored and redeemed, Brian now preaches with great passion the message of grace and inclusion to a community of people that the enemy has told the same lie. The grandson of a German Jewish immigrant, Brian has reconnected with the roots of his Christian faith through studying his Jewish heritage. He is a passionate lover of Israel and the Jewish people, and considers himself “Messianic” in his core beliefs. 

rabbi roi Hudson-anaya

associate pastor/administrator

Rabbi Ro'i is an ordained, Messianic Rabbi. Saved and called to preach at an early age, he preached his first sermon at 12 years of age.


Ro’i came out in his early 40s and experienced a crisis of faith walking away from his ministry, the church, and God, walking into deep sin. Four years later he discovered that God still loved him, that the atonement still applied regardless of how far he had strayed or what he had done, and that God still had a plan for his life. He joyfully returned to God, the church and ministry. Over the last 50 years he has studied the Jewish roots of our Christian faith and brings a rich knowledge of those roots to his preaching and teaching.